Nicole Kidman will not return to HK to continue to film “Expats” due to Omicron risk


    4th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman came to Hong Kong for the shooting of the Amazon series “EXPATS and her exemption from quarantine has caused great controversy. During the filming, there was a dispute with her movie director Lulu Wang. Nicole was apparently not accustomed to the filming style in Hong Kong. After coming to Hong Kong for just 25 days, she finally “surrendered” due to the built-up pressure and she decided to take 2 months off. She left Hong Kong in a private jet at the end of September and is tentatively scheduled to return to Hong Kong to start work in November.

    However, sources have revealed today that the crew has decided to cancel the remaining filming in Hong Kong due to the severity of the Omicron cases.