Nicole Kidman reportedly argues with film director and suspends shooting for 3 days


    29th August 2021 – (Hong Kong) Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman recently came to Hong Kong to film “EXPATS” drama. After being exempted from quarantine, she caused an uproar in the society. In addition, she and the director recently had a dispute over acting issues. Nicole reportedly left in a rage. She was rumoured to have stopped work for 3 consecutive days.

    The crew had been shooting for 4 consecutive nights on Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok, but a commotion happened on the 26th August.

    Nicole originally needed to shoot all night, but in the end only she stayed at the scene for two and a half hours before leaving. At about 8pm, Nicole got off the car from the hair salon and went to the pet shop for shooting. After arriving, she hugged the children and a dog in a shooting scene.

    However, she looked slightly stunned when she hugged the dog. The staff then used a cloth to cover the store for more than 30 minutes. The dog was eventually replaced with another dog and the filming lasted until 10.30 in the evening. She then left in hurry.

    According to sources at the scene, Nicole had a disagreement with the director due to a scene in the pet shop. At first, it was just a rational discussion, but both of them insisted on their own opinions and refused to give in. In the end, a small dispute broke out and she asked to suspend filming and return to her private room to rest. In the room, Nicole reportedly swept all the things on the dressing table to the floor.

    Other staff at the scene kept mum of the incident. Nicole, who had not finished shooting the scene subsequently left the scene and boarded the car and returned to her residence on the Peak. The director, Lulu Wang has not responded to the incident.