Nicholas Tse’s new film spends three days on a single scene, resulting in a HK$10 million overrun

    Nicholas Tse

    23rd November 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the world of Hong Kong cinema, the pursuit of perfection is often a path strewn with challenges and unexpected turns. This is particularly true for Nicholas Tse’s latest film, where a relentless quest for artistic excellence has led to a significant budget overruns, a reflection of the high standards of the project.

    Tse’s new film, backed by the reputable Emperor Motion Pictures, is the actor’s current centre of attention. Although not a sequel to the late Benny Chan’s classic “Raging Fire”, the film’s title, “The Unleashed Blaze”, has evoked memories of Chan’s work, raising expectations amongst fans and critics alike. The film aims to carry forward the “Spirit of Benny Chan”, a term that encapsulates high-quality filmmaking and attention to detail, a testament to the late director’s legacy.

    The dedication towards this ethos is visible in the production process. The film crew, initially comprising 70 teams, has escalated to 100 to accommodate the meticulousness required. Scenes that would typically be shot in a single day are now spread over three days to ensure every aspect meets the desired standard.

    This commitment to perfection has led to substantial budget overruns. The film’s backers are providing unwavering support, allowing budget overruns into the eight figures, a rare show of dedication in an industry often bound by financial constraints. This support ensures the production team can work without worries, focusing solely on delivering their best.

    In a recent event, Tse took a break from the demanding filming schedule to attend a performance at the MacPherson Stadium with Emperor’s owner, Albert Yeung, co-star Jeana Ho, and other celebrities such as Gin Lee and Vincy. Tse mentioned the film’s extended shooting schedule, which is now expected to continue until mid-January of the coming year.

    When asked about his plans for the Christmas break, Tse, known for his discretion, responded with a sweet smile, leaving the journalists to speculate about a possible visit to mainland China.

    Tse, a rare sight at public events in Hong Kong in recent years, was warmly welcomed by the audience. He expressed his support for local bands and voiced his eagerness to return to the stage when the time is right. However, he emphasised his current focus on completing his film projects.

    Tse also expressed his poor memory for birthdays when asked about his friend Charlene Choi’s birthday, which fell on the following day. His hearty laughter and jovial demeanour marked a pleasant end to the evening.