Nicholas Tse reveals Faye Wong’s whereabouts, hints at Christmas plans with family

    Nicholas Tse

    9th December 2023 – (Macao) Renowned Hong Kong artist Nicholas Tse made a public appearance in Macao today and shared his plans for the upcoming Christmas season. When asked how he would be spending the holidays, Tse mentioned that he would continue working on his film projects as there are still many scenes left to shoot. While there might be a few days off during Christmas, nothing has been confirmed yet. If he does get a short break, he expressed the possibility of going skiing.

    Speaking about his girlfriend, Faye Wong, Tse revealed that due to his busy work schedule, Wong has not been able to visit Hong Kong or Macau. As for Wong’s daughter, Leah Dou, who recently performed at a music festival in Hong Kong, Tse mentioned that they did not have any specific contact. Even his sister, Jennifer Tse, has been occupied with her acting career and was also unwell recently, so they haven’t been in touch. However, Tse disclosed that he plans to spend Christmas with his family.