Nicholas Tse issues statement to refute rumours that Faye Wong has given birth to his child


    9th July 2021 – (Hong Kong) An online rumour circulated recently online that 51-year-old singer Faye Wong gave birth to child recently at an advanced age, and the rumour claimed that Faye Wong visited the maternity store and photos of Faye Wong’s postpartum ward were revealed. The father of the child was rumoured to be Hong Kong actor, Nicholas Tse.

    On the evening of 7th July, Nicholas Tse’s representative issued a statement alleging that “the content was suspected of infringing on reputation and goodwill. The act of spreading rumours is to distort the facts and maliciously slander.” Relevant users were asked to delete the rumoured articles. The statement also said that “Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong do not plan to have any child”.