Nicholas Tse and his long-time girlfriend Faye Wong spotted again travelling to the latter’s residence in Beijing


    21st March 2023 – (Beijing) Hong Kong superstar Nicholas Tse and his long-time girlfriend, Chinese diva Faye Wong, have been making headlines recently with their public displays of affection. From their romantic hand-holding at the airport to their cozy moments in Beijing, the couple has been the talk of the town. Recently, they were spotted together in China, with Tse seen gallantly helping Wong with her coat and tenderly caressing her back. They were then seen travelling together back to Wong’s residence, seemingly inseparable.

    Their latest public appearance has further fuelled speculations of a rekindled romance. The two stars had previously dated for almost a decade before breaking up in 2003, but rumours of a possible reconciliation have been swirling for years. Despite the rumours and the long history between the two, the couple has remained tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship.