Newlywed Roxanne Tong takes a stylish family trip, leaving her husband Kenneth Ma behind

    Roxanne Tong

    5th March 2024 – (Tokyo) Hong Kong actress Roxanne Tong, who officially became TVB actor Kenneth Ma’s wife last year, has recently taken a break from her husband and embarked on a family trip. Despite their busy schedules, Tong has always maintained a close relationship with her parents and younger sister, Cassandre. The family has often been seen together in the past, and their bond remains strong even after Tong’s marriage.

    In a recent trip to Japan, Tong shared a heartwarming photo of herself with her parents and sister, expressing her joy and gratitude for the family outing. She captioned the photo, “After being sick for a while, I finally went on a spontaneous trip with my family. It has been four years since we last travelled together, and this trip proves that our bond is unbreakable.”

    Tong, who had worked hard to get in shape for her wedding, managed to maintain her fitness even after the ceremony. Despite her husband’s absence during the trip, she radiated confidence and style in the pictures taken with her parents and sister, Cassandre.

    The couple tied the knot at the end of last year after a long courtship. Since then, Kenneth Ma has been busy with work, while Roxanne Tong has embraced her role as a happy newlywed. Taking some time off from their respective schedules, Tong decided to enjoy a vacation with her family, creating cherished memories together.