Newly open Japanese ‘Gyomu Super’ store in Tai Po sells counterfeit products from China, person-in-charge refuses to show business registration

Gyomu Super in Tai Po

9th May 2021 – (Hong Kong) Gyomu Super means “business supermarket” and, as its name suggests, is a shop that sells produce, condiments, and everything else you’d find at a regular supermarket in massive sizes for business and professional use.

The first Gyomu Super store that just opened in Tai Po on 6th May was recently revealed to be selling mainland goods and counterfeit products. The shop posted a notice at the door, acknowledging that some of the products were not directly purchased in Japan, and the products were not carefully checked when purchasing, which led to the incident. The store stated that customers who had purchased related shellfish products can arrange for return. The staff also stated that all non-Japanese imported products have been removed from the shelves to avoid further misunderstanding by customers.

Top picture shows the original HOKUSHO Seafoods containing the Japanese scallops while the bottom picture shows the counterfeit HOKASHO Seafoods packaging.

However, there was no business registration found at the shop. The person in charge, Mr. Fong, claimed that he was authorised by the Japanese company but he refused to disclose the company name to local media reporters.

According to the company registry, Kobe Bussan which operates a Gyomu Super in Japan, has a “Kobe Bussan (Hong Kong) Limited.” in Hong Kong, and the company’s registered address is located at the secretarial company address in Admiralty. Kobe’s official website also stated that it has business in Hong Kong. The Gyomu Super in Tai Po only displays a Japanese name. The person in charge said that his supermarket was authorised by the Japanese “Kobe Bussan” to open stores, but it has nothing to do with the “Kobe Bussan (Hong Kong) Limited”.