New World First Bus Company Staff Union issues guidelines for bus drivers in anticipation of more street protests tomorrow


11th June 2019 – (Hong Kong) In response to the anti-extradition protest held on 9th June, New World First Bus Company Staff Union has issued special guidelines for bus drivers when driving towards the city centre especially near the area around Legislative Council building tomorrow.

a) Bus drivers should maintain at safe speed of 20-25km/h to avoid untoward accidents as there may be many street protestors tomorrow.

b) Buses should use only the left lanes to give way to other road users.

c) Buses should stop at designated terminuses only and drivers should adhere to any special requests by elderly passengers to minimise injuries on board during the journey.

The Staff union further expressed that more announcements will be made as the situation develops tomorrow.

Guidelines issued by New World First Bus Company Staff Union yesterday. Source : Facebook