New Tuen Ma Line platform at MTR Hung Hom Station opens to public today


20th June 2021 – (Hong Kong) In order to cope with the opening of the Tuen Ma Line on the 27th of this month, the new platform of Hung Hom Station was first to open to public today (20th).

The first train on the West Rail Line to Tuen Mun left at 5.53 in the morning. Before the first train left, there were not many passengers waiting at the new platform, only about 10 people were seen. As for the first train from Tuen Mun to Hung Hom, it arrived at the new platform of Hung Hom Station at about 603am today. During this period, the display on the new platform did not show the departure time of the first train and the next train to Tuen Mun. Some passengers asked the platform staff for inquiries, but were not informed of the relevant information.

The MTR said earlier that from the first train this morning, the current West Rail Line would switch to a new platform. When it was opened to traffic, it would be connected to the first phase of the Tuen Ma Line. The MTR reminded the public to pay attention to today’s arrangements. It also claimed that stations would be marked with different rail lines to guide passengers to the relevant platforms. Notices and announcements would also be posted in the station, and additional staff would be deployed to assist and remind passengers of the arrangements.