New Star Travel shuts down, leaving customers worried about prepaid hotel bookings in Macao


24th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) New Star Travel, a company specializing in hotel and ticket bookings in Macao, announced its closure today (23rd) with a notice posted on their premises. The announcement cited the severe impact of the three-year pandemic and fraudulent websites on the tourism industry’s revenue, leading to the unfortunate decision to cease operations immediately. The company expressed its apologies to the affected travellers and encouraged them to seek assistance from the Travel Industry Council. Some consumers, who had pre-paid over HK$2,000 for hotel package tickets to Macau next month, are now concerned about potential substantial losses and have accused the company of fraud.

Located in a commercial building in Tsim Sha Tsui, New Star Travel’s office remained locked and dark tonight, with a closure notice posted on the door. While their ticket booking website and social media platforms are still accessible, they continue to promote some Macau package ticket offers introduced earlier this month. Disgruntled customers revealed that they had only recently ordered hotel package tickets to Macao from New Star Travel at the end of last month and had paid a deposit of over HK$2,000. Learning about the company’s closure, they now feel deceived.