New round of review of statutory minimum wage being conducted

Dr.Law Chi-kwong

29th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Dr.Law Chi-kwong, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, said in his blog today (29th) that the “Minimum Wage Commission” is conducting a new round of review of the statutory minimum wage level. In an atmosphere of mutual understanding and compromise, a consensus has been reached on the recommended level of the statutory minimum wage, and a report will be submitted by the end of October this year for the Chief Executive in Executive Council to make a decision.

At present, the review of the committee is carried out every two years, but the labour sector has been striving for “annual review”. Law said that at the legislative level, “annual review” can be carried out, but according to the current mechanism, the review process requires research and analysis, and consulting work can only be completed under the framework of review every two years as annual review is not feasible. The statutory minimum wage level is adjusted by an equation instead.

He believes that now is not the best time to conduct annual review in the future. After waiting for the committee to complete the relevant review work and submit a report, he believes that the community can re-discuss the issue at an appropriate time. During the review of the statutory minimum wage level in 2020, the committee finally recommended maintaining the statutory minimum wage at HK$37.5 an hour, which has been implemented since 2019.