New residents of Chun Yeung Estate used as designated quarantine centre expected to move in at end August


30th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) With the alleviation of the COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong, Chun Yeung Estate which has been requisitioned as a quarantine centre since February this year, can be shut down at the end of July. After the quarantine centre is closed, the Department of Health and the Housing Authority (HA) will be responsible for disinfection work and unit repair work. The HA will clean all public drinking water tanks and drinking water supply pipes, and conduct sampling water quality tests for drinking water.

In response to enquiries, the Housing Department stated that there are 5 blocks in Chun Yeung Estate involving more than 4,800 units. The HA will carry out repairs and acceptance work, including the replacement and repair of damaged facilities to ensure that the units are in compliance with regulations and relevant standards before residents can move in.

The HA will thoroughly clean the indoor common areas of the housing estate, including corridors, elevator lobbies and elevators, as well as outdoor common areas, including gardens and rest areas. The Housing Department also pointed out that after all repair projects are completed and accepted, the Department will send a letter to the prospective tenants as soon as possible on their occupancy date in early July. Prospective tenants are expected to move in in two batches. The first approved tenants are expected to begin to move in at the end of August, and some buildings that require more repairs are expected to be delayed until the end of October.