New petition submitted to White House to nominate Hong Kong protesters for Nobel Peace Prize 2020


20th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) A new petition has been submitted to the White House by netizen to nominate the ‘Hong Kong Freedom fighters’ for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020. (Click here to see the petition)

50,111 have signed the petition

Excerpts of the petition:

The freedom fighters of Hong Kong have shown courage and resilience in their fight for freedom. They endured tear gas and rubber bullets with their modest makeshift protective gears. They showed compassion and humanitarianism to the world by protecting the injured, residents, reporters, such as giving them protective gears and releasing their pain caused by tear gas.
Their courage, compassion, resilience and restraints in the past 70 days has turned tides in international politics and set the stage for dialogues between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China towards a peaceful resolution in face of imminent conflict of trade war and regional security.
Hong Kong freedom fighters deserve the world’s recognition and please nominate them for the Nobel Peace Prize 2020.