New pavilion at Ocean Park featuring “Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure” opens to public on 1st July


29th June 2020 – (Hong Kong) The Ocean Park, which has just received government funding of more than HK$5.4 billion introduced the new pavilion today featuring “Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure “ which will be open to the public this week on 1st July.

The new pavilion was opened today by Park Chairman Leo KUNG Lin-cheng  and S.C. Matthias Li, the Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation. There are 20 meerkats and 2 Aldabra giant tortoises in the pavilion. Among them, 5 meerkats were donated by the zoo in southern Australia last April. There were also 15 meerkats which were born in the park. Two 15-year-old male Aldabra giant tortoises were donated by private individuals to the Ocean Park, and their average life span can reach 100 years. The pavilion has a total area of ​​800 square meters and can accommodate up to 60 people at the same time. The pavilion uses African style as the design concept. The building was mainly designed earth-tone concept and it adopts environmental protection design, including the use of sensor LED lights with low power consumption. The exhibition hall also has skylight to allow natural sunlight to enter the exhibition hall and reduce the use of electric lights.

Meanwhile, an online naming campaign for the three newborn meerkats was conducted on Ocean Park’s Facebook recently. 4,112 people voted for the names, Charles, Jeff and Yan.

As the park will adjust its capacity in order to provide visitors a spacious and well-ordered environment, all visitors* are required to make online reservation prior to visiting the Park. Visitors without reservation will not be able to admit the Park. 

Starting 16th June 2020 at 10am, visitors can reserve their visits from 27th June to 24th July 2020, for up to 8 persons per group. Upon successful registration, visitors will get instant confirmation with a reservation QR code on-screen, follow by an email notification. Visitors need to present the reservation QR code together with their tickets or SmartFun Annual Passes during entry.