New Mrs. Ho responds when asked if she would stay with Mr. Ho despite his financial troubles


    18th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) During a recent twist to the ongoing saga of the whirlwind romance between 76-year-old Mr. Ho and his 46-year-old bride, known as “New Mrs. Ho,” netizens have been captivated by the revelation that their relationship has taken a sour turn. Following their hasty marriage, Mr. Ho’s five children have turned against him, with his youngest daughter allegedly making off with his entire HK$4.5 million pension fund and his second son evicting him from the family home. Matters escalated when Mr. Ho sought refuge at a hospital and his eldest daughter threatened to involve the authorities.

    The news of their tumultuous family dynamics has sparked heated discussions among online communities, transforming the couple into internet celebrities. The “Mr. and Mrs. Ho Fan Club” on Facebook has already amassed an impressive 97,000 members.

    Adding further intrigue to the tale, eagle-eyed netizens recently identified a TikTok account, suspected to belong to the enigmatic “New Mrs. Ho.” Commenters queried her true identity, to which she cryptically responded with a nine-word phrase, tacitly acknowledging her association with Mr. Ho. Expressing gratitude for the support received for her relationship with him, she replied, “Received, thank you!” The revelation of Mrs. Ho’s TikTok account attracted a multitude of curious visitors, who flocked to view her content, leaving comments and engaging with her.