New manufactured local female pop group “COLLAR” rakes in more than 200,000 fans on Instagram in half a day


    13th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) At 6.30pm yesterday, a new all-girl 8-member pop group name “COLLAR” debuted at the press conference titled “HOLD YOUR BREATH”. Their debut song was “Call My Name!”. The girl group COLLAR is the second manufactured pop group following the success of MIRROR boy band earlier. The girls were dressed in over-the-top Gucci outfits which attracted criticisms from netizens as the overall appearance looks ‘cheap’ akin to MK girls (MK person, which carries a rather negative undertone, is often used to describe a person who blindly follows trends without thought with the implication that they have a poor taste or behaves in a bad way.)

    Nevertheless, their official IG account “collar.weare” raked in more than 200,000 fans in just half a day.