New Kobe Wagyu Beef Sake Pairing Menu at Yakiniku Ishidaya in Central


19th October 2021 – (Hong Kong) Originating from Kobe, the Japanese prefecture known for its premium Wagyu beef, Yakiniku Ishidaya has established a loyal Hong Kong following since it opened its doors in the heart of Central last autumn and we have featured the restaurant before as one of our MUST-TRY-LIST restaurants in Hong Kong. Among the very few accredited venues in the city that serves Kobe Beef certified by the Kobe Meat Distribution Promotion Council, Yakiniku Ishidaya is proud to present Hong Kong’s premium beef lovers with its new Kobe Wagyu Beef Sake Pairing Menu, which allows diners to experience an elevated yakiniku journey featuring Japanese ingredients of the highest quality. Our team members were again invited to try this exciting new menu with Sake Pairing.

The pairing menu begins with Houou Biden ‘Akaban’ Junmai Daiginjo Sake from Tochigi Prefecture. Using water from the mountains of Nikko, this elegant and mellow sake is an ideal match for traditional Japanese dishes. Its natural acidity with a hint of rice enhances the freshness of dishes such as Ishidaya’s signature scallop sashimi. When paired with slow-cooked beef shoulder, the lightly refreshing taste of the sake perfectly rounds out the rich flavour of the beef.

The subtly sweet and spicy notes in the Tatenokawa Honryu Junmai Daiginjo Karakuchi from Yamagata Prefecture makes this sake a lovely companion to the intense flavour and fragrant marbling of Kobe Wagyu Sirloin and Ribeye, as well as to the Beef Tendon and Wagyu Beef Shabu-shabu. With its relaxed aroma and plenty of umami, the crisp, clean and relaxed palate of this sake adds a refined sense of balance to the overall tasting experience. 

Those who prefer sake with a stronger mouthfeel should not miss the Okuharima Junmai Ginjo Super Dry from Hyogo Prefecture. It has been selected for the Kobe Wagyu Beef Sake Pairing Menu thanks to its full body and dry, lasting palate that makes it the perfect accompaniment to the meaty notes of tenderloin and extra thick-cut beef tongue. This well-rounded and balanced pairing allows the natural flavours of each element to shine, while creating a lasting taste experience for the senses.

Round off the meal with the restaurant’s signature Cold Noodles. The smooth, full-bodied noodles from Morioka are complemented by an appetising beef broth and soy sauce, and paired with sake warmed to room temperature to ensure diners finish their pairing experience with a clean, fresh palate.

Diners can now enjoy the sake pairing by adding HK$228 on any purchase, or opt for Yakiniku Ishidaya’s signature Supreme Wagyu 9 Courses Menu (HK$580), Premium Wagyu 10 Courses Menu (HK$780), or Premium Kobe Beef 12 Courses Menu (HK$1,080) for the best sake-wagyu pairing experience, advance reservation is required. 

In addition to the sake selection in the pairing menu, Yakiniku Ishidaya also offers a wide array of sake from various prefectures throughout Japan. The resident sommelier will provide pairing suggestions according to guest preferences to ensure they enjoy a refined and memorable yakiniku experience.


Address: 3/F, Century Square, 1-13 D’ Aguilar Street, Central. Reservations: +852 2983 6838