New “Journey of Discovery” with photo-friendly multimedia zones at Hong Kong International Airport


21st July 2022 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has launched the “Journey of Discovery” with new photo-friendly multimedia features in three zones to enhance the ambience of Terminal 1 and offer an exciting interactive experience for passengers. The three zones – “Crystal Elevator” and “Waterfall Gardens” in the non-restricted areas, and “Totems of Joy” at the boarding
gates within the restricted area – feature digital contents themed on travel, nature and fun to give travellers an inspiring start to their journeys.

Totems of Joy
Totems of Joy

The elevator at the Meeters and Greeters Hall is now the captivating “Crystal Elevator”, which welcomes travellers with a dynamic new ambience. Its crystal façade opens to reveal unique digital contents related to Hong Kong, travel and cheeky fun. Content includes a toy crane machine featuring much-loved cartoon characters rendered by local illustrators Din Dong, Bigsoil and Mandycat; stunning aerial views across the globe from high in the clouds; fireflies illuminating flora in an ethereal glow, and more.

The North and South “Waterfall Gardens” at the Arrivals Hall on Level 5 synthesise the soothing sights and sounds of nature, featuring a cascading waterfall, crystal-clear ponds and birds flying overhead. Visitors are encouraged to interact with their surroundings by touching the waterfall, stepping on the stones in the creek or relaxing by the pond. In turn, they are rewarded with wondrous and amazing revelations held within the waterfall’s sparkling droplets, the rippling currents of the creek, the blooming of the water lilies, and the turtles and frogs swimming by their feet as well as other delightful surprises.

The boarding gate totems have always been popular photo-taking spots for travellers. To make these areas even more colourful, the totems at the Central Concourse of Level 6 have been transformed into multimedia “Totems of Joy”. Content includes a series of four amusing video clips that heighten passengers’ anticipation for departure and provide numerous opportunities for selfie-seeking travellers to record their happy moments together.