“New Here”, a cinematic journey into the crypto universe backed by Arbitrum Foundation


22nd February 2024 – (New York) The Arbitrum Foundation, known for its commitment to the Ethereum Layer 2 network, has stepped into the cinematic domain by funding “New Here,” an explorative film project. This initiative, in collaboration with Dpop Studios, seeks to delve into the burgeoning world of digital art as experienced by a newcomer to the crypto ecosystem.

The announcement on Wednesday marked a significant fusion of the arts and blockchain technology, with the film set to showcase the transformative impact of blockchain and AI on artistic expression. The production line-up includes Academy Award winner Shane Boris, celebrated for his work on the acclaimed documentary “Navalny.”

During a recent X spaces discussion, Boris emphasised the film’s intent to examine the burgeoning NFT market and its artists in depth, highlighting the transformative potential of this novel artistic medium. “New Here” will not only feature profiles of influential individuals within the crypto art space but also integrate various creative methodologies, narrative structures, and concepts to engage and cultivate new audiences.

The intersection of film and cryptocurrency is not uncharted territory. In the previous year, “The Quiet Maid” became a notable example of a film largely financed through NFT sales, backed by Decentralized Pictures, an initiative of Roman Coppola, son of the legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola.

With “New Here,” the Arbitrum Foundation and Dpop Studios are forging a unique entertainment experience that intertwines digital ownership with cinematic storytelling. Nina Rong, head of ecosystem development at the foundation, elaborated on the project’s ambition to create a novel digital space where entertainment meets digital ownership, potentially reshaping media release strategies in the age of Web3.

The film comprises 11 short stories, each set to be unveiled over the course of the year. Accompanying the release is an innovative NFT collection titled “Glimpses,” claimable on Zora—a platform that facilitates the creation of non-fungible tokens by artists and brands. These art pieces are designed to offer an interactive layer to the viewing experience of the “New Here” short film series, enhancing audience engagement through Web3 technologies.