New class arrangements for cross-Border teachers and Students who are staying in Mainland will start from 17th January


16th January 2022 – (Macao) To comply with the epidemic prevention measures of Zhuha-Macao borders, the Education and Youth Development Bureau (the “DSEDJ”) announces that, starting from January 17, class arrangements for cross-border teachers and students of tertiary education institutions and non-tertiary education schools who are now staying in the Mainland are as follows:

Teachers and students who live in key regions in Zhuhai and Zhongshan (i.e., for the time being, Tanzhou Town of Zhongshan and Nanping Town of Zhuhai) and those who have been to the first and second phases of International Huacheng Flower City in Tanzhou Town (坦洲鎮國際花城一期及二期) or to Nanping Town in Zhuhai, should not return to Macao for classes for the time being. Their schools will implement home-learning plans for them according to their situations, and will not consider the relevant period as absence, as well as postpone any planned tests or exams;

Cross-border teachers and students who do not live in the abovementioned key regions and who have not been to the above designated areas in the past 14 days must hold a negative nucleic acid test result within 24 hours when returning to Macao for classes. If cross-border students choose not to return to Macao for classes for the time being, the school will handle their attendance and test and exam arrangements at the schools’ discretion.

The above measures are applicable to cross-border teachers and students who are currently in the Mainland (who have not entered Macao); while those who are staying in Macao (who have already entered Macao) should follow the measures for people with yellow Health Code.

Taking into account the constantly changing epidemic situations and the updating of border-crossing measures from time to time, the DSEDJ and relevant departments will closely monitor the dynamic development of the epidemic situation in the Mainland and timely adjust relevant measures. Before leaving home or crossing the border to Macao for classes, teachers and students should pay attention to the latest information on the websites of the DSEDJ and relevant departments, radio broadcasts and TV stations, etc., or enquire the schools for the latest arrangements.