New attraction planned in Central Harbourfront: “Anchor Plaza” to showcase giant ship anchor, expected to be completed next year


23rd September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In addition to the iconic Hong Kong Observation Wheel, a new attraction is set to grace the Central waterfront. The latest documents submitted by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum reveal plans to construct the “Anchor Plaza” on the vacant land in front of the 9th and 10th piers, which is also the location of the Observation Wheel. The plaza will not only exhibit the anchor of the “Seawise Giant,” owned by local maritime industry tycoon Dong Haoyun, but also feature a visitor square. It is expected that immersive interactive educational and entertainment activities will be held in the evening, while the Anchor Plaza will also be available for community events. This development is anticipated to become one of the main highlights of the New Central Harbourfront Site 3 with the project aiming for completion by the end of next year.

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum plans to construct the “Anchor Plaza” in front of the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, showcasing the anchor of the “Seawise Giant,” also known as the world’s largest ship. The plaza will also house a visitor centre.

According to documents submitted by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum to the Harbourfront Commission, the authorities have proposed the construction of a visitor centre in front of the Observation Wheel, occupying an area of approximately 1,490 square meters. The conceptual design depicts an 8-meter-high triangular-shaped visitor centre, resembling traditional ships and ocean waves, with minimal impact on the panoramic view of the 60-meter-tall Observation Wheel situated behind it. In front of the visitor centre, a giant ship anchor will be prominently displayed. The majority of the Anchor Plaza will be an open space, greatly enhancing the public’s enjoyment of the area.