New anti-extradition street rally organised by Civil Human Rights Front on 18th August from Victoria Park to Central to protest against police brutality


13th August 2019 –  Jimmy Sham, the convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front told media reporters today that they have organised a new street rally from Victoria Park to Chater Garden, Central on 18th August with the slogan ‘Stop Police brutality, fulfil 5 demands’. Jimmy stated that they have already applied to police for a street rally on 31st August but as Hong Kongers could no longer tolerate the current turmoil in the society, they have decided to organise an earlier protest on 18th August targeting the police in particular.

He alleged that police force has been suppressing the protesters illegally in the past few weeks and he further pointed out one particular incident on 5th August where police fired tear gas round from a rooftop of a building at civilians on the road. He also condemned police for firing tear gas rounds in Kwai Fong MTR Station and rupturing a girl’s eye with bean bag round.

Jimmy described the triads were being protected by police force and police force were being kept safe by the Chief Executive. Meanwhile, Carrie Lam is being shield by Beijing Government. He lamented at the illegal structure and questioned if this were the Hong Kong people wanted?