Never throw your flowers away again: The infinity rose comes to Hong Kong


22nd August 2020 – (Hong Kong) As the saying goes, true love lasts forever, so how do we choose to use flowers, that end up wilting in the trash in a week, as a representation of our admiration for someone?

What if we told you there is now a new way to gift someone extraordinary bouquets without having to throw them away, or keep them in your home, staying organically vibrant for 1-3 years? Enter MOHLIA, a freshly launched venture selling Infinity Roses: real roses that are preserved at bloom to last. 

MOHLIA roses are grown in the fields of Ecuador, where they are placed in natural conditions guaranteed to allow them to bloom to their fullest potential. Once the roses are ready, trained scientists treat the roses with a secret formula that allows them to be preserved for up to 3 years if taken care of correctly. The roses are then shipped to the assembling plant, located between the Hong Kong and China border, where the roses are hand assembled by a team of internationally qualified florists before they arrive at the MOHLIA warehouse, ready for global dispatch.

Think round, velvet boxes filled with red, white and even gold roses or large acrylic boxes with a gradient of flowers depicting a Caribbean sunset or a Canadian winter.  MOHLIA is offering something for everyone, whether you want to purchase these versatile flowers for a co-worker, family member, best friend, significant other or yourself, the site provides an option for everyone, and is even set to introduce a new collaboration with a vegan leather company, producing ethically made, sustainable and eco-friendly boxes that house drawers holding an array of artisanal items to choose from.

All you have to do to tend to these flowers is make sure that they are kept away from direct sunlight and humidity, and that they are not touched excessively.

Founder and CEO of the company, Simran Mohinani (alias; Simi Moh), comments on the potential that these flowers have to blossom in Asia and the ever-growing multi-billion dollar gifting industry “What I love about our products is that we provide such a variety of colours and styles with our arrangements, we are revolutionizing the Asian market by offering a luxury, atelier level product for affordable prices and making it universally accessible”

Infinity roses are a massive hit in the US and Europe, hailing from Hong Kong originally but having lived in both places, Simi talks us through the lightbulb moment, noticing the gap in the Asian market, “I’ve always had a business mentality, and as a recent graduate of University with an unsettling climate, I really wanted to start working on a passion project. One thing I really missed from my apartment in Boston was my infinity flowers, that I got shipped to me here to Hong Kong! I realised that back home, there was nowhere I could buy these sentimental items I treasured so much and so I got to work on making the flower market in Asia more innovative”.

With the cost of a single rose only being US$15 ranging to the most expensive item hailing a still affordable US$200, MOHLIA is the most affordable infinity rose in the global market today – and they offer shipping worldwide. This however, does not taint on their quality, with the roses guaranteed to arrive to their customers in pristine quality and with whatever custom elements they may choose.

Even though they are more costly than the traditional rose, they will make up for it with their life span. They may even outlive some relationships! MOHLIA owner Simi comments “It’s ironic, but our roses, that come from a beautiful, sprawling farm base in Ecuador are wax preserved, and if anything will kill them – it’s water”.

Inspired by a sense of loss, Simi felt the need to bring a necessary change to her home network of Asia “When the coronavirus attacked the US, I had just returned from a Spring Break trip and was looking forward to getting ready for Graduation, and more trips to LA and Vegas, instead I was met with, like the rest of the world, the necessity to flee immediately and return home to Hong Kong to be with my family”. This traumatic experience allowed Simi to realise very quickly what she felt was near to her heart. “My parents called me and said we’re booking you a plane ticket now, which left me scrambling. I boarded 4 flights to get home last minute, and had to grab and pack whatever was most important to me in the few suitcases I had. My heart broke having to leave my perfect flowers behind. Later on, I got a classmate to ship them to me, and realised, why don’t we have these around Asia? Asia is usually at the forefront of both luxury goods and innovation. I wanted something luxurious and fresh a bustling banker could gift his wife, or a socialite best friend could gift people away at parties. There’s so much potential for these roses, most of all, I wanted people to have the experience of being struck by wonder, that these real life fairy-tale roses could last for years”.

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