NEVER AGAIN LIST – Overpriced buffet spread with limited selection and bad service at The Lounge – JW Marriott Hotel, Pacific Place


5th November 2019 – (Hong Kong) Nestled in cosy and luscious space of JW Marriot Hotel at Pacific Place, one would have no doubts over the standard of food served at the Lounge. We decided to use Eatigo to try out the Lunch Full Buffet at HK$322 per person (after 10% discount) yesterday as we thought that for this price, the selection would be sumptuous and extensive. After trying out recently at Cafe Too in Shangri-la, we had high expectations from buffets offered at Five Star Hotels in town.

To our surprise, not only was the selection limited, the choices were limited only to Asian cuisine and a salad bar. The buffet spread consists of only 4 sections i.e. 8 Asian dishes including Peking Duck, roast pork and suckling pig, noodles bar with different kinds of meat balls/vegetables where you can choose the soup to go with it, a salad bar and a dessert section.

Unlike the lunch buffet offered at other five star hotels, there was no sushi, sashimi, no fresh seafood and no other cuisines. The quality of the buffet was akin to those served by a 2-star restaurant at a fraction of the price.

Noodles were overcooked and the meatballs were all frozen and not fresh. The suckling pig was disastrous as you can see the fat layered in between. Roast pork (Char Siu) was too oily and chewy and the Peking Duck was mediocre. During our entire lunch, the waitress did not even take away our plates once and we had to summon one of them just before the end of our meal.

Even though the presentation of the dessert selection looked appealing, the options were limited with only tarts, cakes and fruits. The yoghurt dispensed from the yoghurt machine was practically tasteless. To our horror, we even found a hair in a pudding.

Noodles and dumplings were overcooked.

We were utterly disappointed by the quality and choices of food and we suggest the hotel management to perhaps take a look at buffets offered by other 5-star establishments to come to terms that they are a far cry from our expectations.

Hair was found in a pudding.

Value for money : 0.5/5
Taste : 1/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 2/5

The Lounge, JW Marriot Hotel

4/F, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong,

Pacific Place,

No.88 Queensway, Hong Kong, China

Tel: +852 2810 8366