NEVER AGAIN LIST – Gram Cafe & Pancakes at The ONE, TST


16th April 2019 – (Hong Kong) Another eatery unfortunately has made it to our infamous ‘Never Again’ list. The Japanese dessert bar, Gram Cafe & Pancakes located on the 4th floor of The One TST is supposedly famous for its fluffy three-stack premium pancake but this outlet is permanently sold out as only 20 dishes are offered daily at 3 different times.

Our advice? If your restaurant only serves one dish that’s good, make sure your kitchen can cope with all day demand because apart from premium pancakes, don’t even bother trying their other desserts as they taste so bad that even Spongebob would throw up after eating them. Grams Cafe & Pancakes only sells 60 premium pancakes (HK$138) per day, we think that it is a cheap marketing gimmick to trick unwary customers to try their other amateurish desserts on their menu whenever their premium pancakes are sold out.

Premium pancakes are permanently sold out because they only make 20 per session.
We reckon Spongebob would spit them all out.

As we couldn’t order the premium pancake due to its limited servings, we decided to go for the Tiramisu pancake (HK$118). The layers of pancakes were huge and thick. They were simply dry and tasteless. Don’t be deceived by our picture as the Tiramisu pancake basically tasted like spongecake sprinkled with chocolate powder. The other mixed fruits with pancake (HK$108) we ordered was not any better as the dish was basically flat pancakes served with watery syrup and assorted fruits.

Verdict? Don’t even bother trying as all the pancakes were pretty bland and we are sure you can make better ones at home.

Tiramisu Pancake

Gram Cafe & Pancakes,

L408, The One, Nathan Road, TST.

Tel : +852-23684588

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