Netizens spot wardrobe malfunction in TVB drama “The Invisibles”, Natalie Tong’s character changes her high-heeled shoes three times in 5 seconds


16th April 2023 – (Hong Kong) The finale of TVB drama “The Invisibles” aired last night, starring Kenneth MaJoel Chan, Natalie Tong, and Elena Kong. In one of the most intense scenes, Ocean (played by Ma) discovers that A Po (played by Tong) is trapped in a moving refrigerated truck, and he and Cool Sir (played by Chan) fight against the mastermind villain (played by Ruco Chan) to save her. They succeed in killing mastermind villain, but Ocean is injured by a bomb and disappears while trying to save A Po.

However, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed a wardrobe malfunction during the scene where Ocean saves A Po. One netizen pointed out that in just five seconds, Tong’s character changed her high-heeled shoes three times, which was clearly a continuity error. The post quickly went viral, with many finding the mistake amusing.

Despite the mistake, the drama was praised for its intense and thrilling finale. “The Invisibles” is a Hong Kong TVB police drama series about undercover officers.