Netizens shocked as ex-wife of Kenny Bee 60-year-old Teresa Cheung Siu-wai stuns in revealing outfit at Milan Fashion Week

    First left: Teresa Cheung Siu-wai, (third from left): Cecelia Cheng

    23rd September 2023 – (Milan) Teresa Cheung Siu-wai, the ex-wife of Kenny Bee and a prominent figure in the live streaming and product endorsement industry in mainland China, made an appearance at the recent Milan Fashion Week. However, her presence sparked a wave of criticism among netizens who deemed her appearance unflattering.

    Footage from the event circulated on social media platforms, showing Teresa Cheung Siu-wai wearing a revealing outfit that showcased her figure. Despite still maintaining an appealing bustline and a somewhat seductive allure, online commentators were quick to point out the stark contrast between her real-life appearance and the carefully edited images she shares on social media. They claimed that her online persona portrayed a slender and well-defined physique, while her actual appearance appeared larger and rounder, leading to unflattering comparisons with fellow actress Cecelia Cheung.

    Although Teresa Cheung Siu-wai is already in her sixties, she possesses remarkably smooth and fair skin, a testament to her well-maintained appearance. Additionally, she has previously embraced a voluptuous and sensual image, so the criticisms regarding her weight gain seem unjustified. Some online supporters came to her defense, praising her refined and elegant presence in person, stating that she exuded a level of grace and sophistication that rivaled any other female celebrity in attendance.