Netizens say North Korea defector Yeonmi Park resembles disfigured HK socialite Fanny Sieh after undergoing excessive plastic surgeries

    Left: Fanny Sieh. Right: Yeonmi Park

    22nd January 2023 – (New York) Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea, best known for speaking out against human trafficking. She became a Human Rights Officer because the boss lady didn’t want other people to go through what she had. After her address at the ‘One Young World summit in Dublin, Ireland, in 2014, she soared to new heights of stardom. It detailed her escape from North Korea, the exploitation of traffickers, and her adjustment to new life. Interestingly, in September 2015, she released a book titled ‘In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.’

    Yeonmi Park did, in fact, have cosmetic surgery. Her plastic surgery adventures consist of jaw reshaping, cheek tucks, and a nose job.

    Nonetheless, the majority of individuals are still curious about Yeonmi’s plastic surgery treatments. Netizens have criticised her for being completely unrecognisable. Recently, she released a new book with a new photo as the cover and many netizens once again questioned about her excessive plastic surgery. She used a recent photo as the cover of her new book. Her eyes, facial features, and nose shape have all changed significantly. Some Hong Kong netizens pointed out that her recent photo on Instagram is somewhat similar to the disfigured local socialite Fanny Sieh who had too much plastic surgeries. Yeonmi has also allegedly undergone a breast enhancement surgery.

    South Korean netizens were shocked over her ‘makeover’, questioning her addiction to plastic surgery, and lamenting that she has lost her natural beauty.

    Fanny Sieh used to look natural and pretty before being disfigured by numerous plastic surgeries.