Netizens ridicule Mainland Chinese film “Storm City” for copying “Skyscraper” poster with Eric Tsang’s hand bruises and stains identical to Dwayne Johnson’s


21st April 2023 – (Hong Kong) The internet movie “Storm City,” produced in Mainland starring Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang, was released on iQiyi and Sohu on 16th April. However, some netizens have noticed that the movie poster is very similar to the 2018 film “Skyscraper,” which starred Dwayne Johnson. Sharp-eyed viewers have pointed out that the bruises and stains on Eric Tsang’s right hand are identical to Johnson’s, except for the missing wedding ring. Some online commenters have mocked the poster, saying, “One is 6-foot-4, the other is 4-foot-6” and accusing the poster of copying the 2018 film.

Chinese media outlet released a review calling “Storm City” as bad as Jackie Chan’s “Ride On.”