Netizens reveal top 30 excuses used by unfaithful husbands in Hong Kong forum discussion on infidelity

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18th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Infidelity in marital relationships is often an unforeseen occurrence. Recently, a married woman boldly opened up a discussion on the Hong Kong online forum by directly asking, “Husbands, what excuses do you usually use to deceive your wives when you cheat?”

The netizens responded tactfully, listing out 20 major excuses used in various fields. Then, individuals who had experienced infidelity came forward to share the top 10 excuses their former spouses had frequently used. The complete list of 30 cheating excuses can be found in the image below. Interestingly, the netizens also collectively determined the best answer among all the cheating excuses…

However, some netizens saw through the situation and pragmatically commented, “If they have an affair, it’s destined to happen. Whether they have strong willpower or not.” Surprisingly, in her response, the married woman dropped a bombshell by revealing that she had also cheated in the past. This revelation led other married male netizens to disclose their own scars and respond with experiences such as, “My wife cheated on me, and she used the excuse of XX” (details can be found in the following text).

The netizens compiled a list of 30 excuses used by unfaithful husbands, as shown in the images below:

  • Excuse #1: Overtime at work
  • Excuse #2: Going out with friends or colleagues for dinner, drinks, sports activities, or karaoke (KTV)
  • Excuse #3: Hiking, playing cards, playing golf, or accompanying the boss… the list goes on endlessly. Some even masterfully hide their affairs and their wives remain unaware.

There were even alleged mistresses sharing their strategies, saying, “Some husbands are foolish and don’t know how to deceive their wives, so I couldn’t help but teach them how to handle their wives. After all, as long as their relationship with their wives is good, it won’t hinder their relationship with me.” They further emphasized the importance of using excuses related to daily activities, which would minimize suspicion. They advised coordinating appearances and equipment when going out, such as dressing appropriately for the occasion.

Former victims of infidelity came forward to reveal the common excuses their ex-husbands had used:

  • Excuse #21: Accidentally fell asleep in the car until morning.
  • Excuse #22: Helping a friend move, which took all night.
  • Excuse #23: Playing video games with friends until dawn.
  • Excuse #24: Going to Shenzhen for a massage and staying out all night.

Some netizens mentioned seemingly innocent excuses like “buying wonton noodles on the street” or “saying they went out to buy cigarettes but actually went to eat wonton noodles.” However, they were questioned, “Can buying wonton noodles take two to three hours? Doesn’t your wife ask questions?”

Other netizens responded, stating that each excuse is different, and it is essential to have enough time without arousing suspicion. They suggested using excuses related to daily activities, which can vary in duration, such as fishing or meeting a classmate who has returned from abroad. They emphasized the importance of finding evidence and maintaining consistent statements while diversifying the excuses.

In response to the netizens’ discussion on cheating excuses, one person identified the most popular answer, saying, “Everyone always mentions overtime, which is the best answer.”

Some netizens boldly claimed, “No excuses needed. If you have enough time after work, you can cheat.” They even shared their own experiences, saying, “In the past, when I was younger, I used excuses like business trips to mainland China or staying out late. Now, after 20 years of marriage, I’m straightforward and say I’m going out to meet other women or have tea with friends.”

There were also netizens who saw the situation from a more insightful perspective, stating, “If someone has an affair, it’s destined to happen. It all depends on their willpower.” The married woman, impressed by this perspective, responded, “You wrote it perfectly. Whether they have strong willpower or not, I’ve never questioned him. As long as he comes back home, it’s fine!”

Curiosity arose among the netizens, leading one to ask, “Haha, I’m also curious. What excuses do wives use?”

The married woman then confessed, “Let me tell you! It depends on how much control your partner has over you. Everyone has a different personality. Like my husband, he never controls me… so when he’s at work, I go out. I did it once.” Surprisingly, a husband among the netizens responded, saying, “My wife cheated on me, and she used the excuse of overtime.”