Netizens react to viral photo of overturned police vehicle


26th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A photograph of an overturned police vehicle has taken local social media platforms by storm. The origin and details of the incident remain unknown, but the image has sparked a plethora of reactions from the internet community.

The viral image, shared extensively on Facebook, shows a police vehicle lying on its side, with the circumstances leading to its current state unclear. The vehicle’s incongruous position has led to an array of interpretations, speculations, and jokes from netizens.

Commenting on the photo, one user lamented, “Such a waste of taxpayers’ money!” Another user, seemingly concerned about the vehicle, remarked, “I hope the car is okay.” The incident also led to some humorous responses, with one user suggesting the driver might receive an award, and another speculating that the vehicle was a prop for a film.

The incident has sparked lively debates on driving standards and practices. Some users questioned the driver’s ability, with one asking, “Do you need instruction on how to reverse a vehicle, sir?” Another took a cynical view, suggesting that “most of the people who drive police cars probably don’t have a driving license.”

Other users saw the incident as an opportunity to comment on broader social issues. One user asked, “What’s it doing lying there? It’s like a piece of rubbish.” While another user speculated that the vehicle was used as a blockade that couldn’t be moved.

Many users took the opportunity to make light of the situation. One user, viewing the situation as an artistic installation, commented, “Installation art”. Another, not missing an opportunity for a joke, asked, “Can the driver be arrested for dangerous driving?”