Netizens concerned after videos showing citizens in Shandong Province who brave snow to queue for nucleic acid testing


3rd December 2022 – (Weihai) Nucleic acid testing requirements have been relaxed in many places in the Mainland, and a community in Haizhu, Guangzhou, even called on residents not to do nucleic acid testing if it is not necessary. However, in Weihai, Shandong Province, there has been a scene of citizens queuing up in the snow to do nucleic acid recently, which has aroused widespread concern. Videos uploaded online showed that in Weihai, where there was heavy snow, many citizens braved the cold and waited in line for a nucleic acid test. It was snowing in Weihai on Thursday (1st), but the local community authority still required all members to undergo nucleic acid testing, and the school the children attended also required to upload screenshots of nucleic acid test results. The relevant scene aroused widespread concern.

The staff of the Weihai City Epidemic Prevention Hotline responded that at present, the Economic and Technological Development Zone, the High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and the Huancui District all require nucleic acid tests for all employees. As for the possible cold caused by queuing up in the snow to do nucleic acid tests, the staff member responded, “Isn’t it more dangerous for the medical staff to do nucleic acid for everyone when it’s snowing?”