Netizen traumatised after male employee of Japanese restaurant allegedly harasses her during refund


20th June 2022 – (Hong Kong) A netizen ordered takeaway online from a Japanese restaurant in TST a few days ago before going to pick up the meal.

However, when the netizen arrived, the male staff said that the meal had been picked up. The male staff then asked her to wait for around 20 minutes and repeatedly told her to “keep quiet! Or you can ask for refund!” Moments later, he then shouted again, “5 minutes now! or refund!”

The employee subsequently threw a total of HK$212 in cash on the table during the refund and ordered her to “shut up” and leave. He asked her to check the bill and the netizen chided him for his bad service and attitude. In response, he asked her to shut up and go.

The netizen was traumatised by the incident and she then reported and complained to the customer service department of the mall. It was the first time that she felt uneasy when the restaurant staff made a fuss about taking out food. The netizen posted on Facebook about the unpleasant experience of buying takeaways. He pointed out that he used the app to order takeaways from a Japanese restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. He arrived on time and thought he would avoid waiting for the food. Unexpectedly, a male staff asked the information after checking the information. The tone said that the meal had been picked up. She immediately stated that she did not pick up the meal, but was ordered by the male staff to “keep quiet! (quiet!)”.