Netizen shares “HK$3,000 Consumption Voucher Dating Guide” on social media

    Watching sunset at Ma Wan.

    12th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The latest round of HK$3,000 consumption vouchers will be disbursed on April 16. Netizens are eagerly anticipating this future money, with some even preparing spending plans in advance. One individual shared their “HK$3,000 Consumption Voucher Dating Guide” which includes the following:

    • Start the day with a full meal at McDonald’s, costing HK$100 for two people.
    • Have lunch at a steakhouse in Tsuen Wan for HK$300.
    • Go shopping at the mall, with a budget of HK$1,000.
    • Take a car to Ma Wan to watch the sunset for H$ 50.
    • Have seafood for dinner in Tuen Mun for HK$1,500.
    • End the day with a dessert costing H$ 50.
    “HK$3,000 Consumption Voucher Dating Guide”

    Some individuals expressed surprise at the plan to spend all HK$3,000 in a single day. Others scrutinised the plan and questioned the actual cost of some items. In response to a query, the author confirmed that the steakhouse in question was located in “Golden Phoenix Restaurant” on Castle Peak Road.

    On 10th March, the Hong Kong government announced that it would distribute a new round of HK$3,000 consumption vouchers to eligible citizens who successfully registered for the program last year on 16th April, with the remaining HK$2,000 to be disbursed on 16th July.

    According to the budget proposal, a total of HK$5,000 in electronic consumption vouchers will be distributed to eligible permanent residents aged 18 or above and new immigrants in two phases this year. Eligible individuals who reside in Hong Kong or come to study under various entry schemes will receive HK$2,500 in vouchers.

    Financial Secretary Paul Chan explained that Hong Kong’s economy shrank by 3.5% last year, with retail sales dropping by 1%. While the economy is recovering, it still requires consolidation. Additionally, after three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises are under immense pressure. Chan believes that issuing consumption vouchers this year is an appropriate measure given the government’s fiscal situation and is expected to boost local gross domestic product by approximately 0.6%.