Netizen shares dinner bill showing 4 pieces of “salt and pepper mantis shrimps” which cost a whopping HK$1,192


18th November 2022 – (Hong Kong) A dinner bill for 8 people dated 10th November at 9pm was circulated on social media today showing 13 dishes, with a total cost of 6,288 Hong Kong dollars. However, the cost of one dish stood out like a sore thumb. 4 pieces of “salt and pepper mantis shrimps” cost a whopping HK$1,192, which is the most expensive dish in the bill. However, some netizens said that each mantis shrimp is 7 inches long (about 17.78 cm), and it is estimated that they were sold at market price.

The dishes ordered include crabs, steamed scallops with minced garlic vermicelli, steamed South African abalones etc. However, the name of the restaurant was not revealed.