Netizen questions Chu Man Kee restaurant’s tacky authenticity in ‘disco mode’


11th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) The newly opened Chu Man Kee Dai Pai Dong on Ma Tau Wai Road in To Kwa Wan has quickly become a vibrant hotspot for the local “nightlife” scene. With its unique concept and lively atmosphere, this dai pai dong has caught the attention of netizens who can’t help but share their thoughts online. The restaurant’s “Disco Mode” during the evening, complete with smoke and flashing lights, has created an ambiance reminiscent of a psychedelic party, attracting dozens of eager diners who willingly queue up for a taste of this extraordinary experience.

Netizens have also discovered an interesting fact about the proprietor of Chu Man Kee. She previously garnered attention for her flamboyant attire during the ribbon-cutting ceremony of another branch in To Kwa Wan, earning her the nickname “To Kwa Wan’s Faye Wong.” This intriguing detail has only added to the restaurant’s appeal, sparking further curiosity among online communities.

The popularity of Chu Man Kee Dai Pai Dong has sparked conversations among netizens, with some expressing their opinions on the establishment. One netizen commented that Chu Man Kee gives off a cheap and tacky vibe, reminiscent of nightclubs in Dongguan and Shenzhen. They questioned whether a business should prioritise offering quality services and products rather than relying on flashy gimmicks. The netizen raised the issue of cultural authenticity, asking whether the restaurant’s concept was an imitation of places like Kabukicho in Japan rather than a representation of local culture.

Others chimed in, sharing their perspectives on the restaurant’s unique atmosphere. They pointed out that Chu Man Kee is reminiscent of the disco culture that was prevalent in Hong Kong during the 90s. The use of smoke and extravagant lighting, reminiscent of early disco clubs, is seen as a nod to Hong Kong’s distinctive cultural heritage. Some netizens highlighted that while similar entertainment venues exist in Dongguan and Shenzhen, the later stages of Hong Kong’s disco culture were the true inspiration for Chu Man Kee. They argued that the restaurant is an attempt to revive and celebrate the unique characteristics of that era.

However, not all netizens were convinced of the restaurant’s authenticity. Some felt that the critics were unfairly judging the establishment and its owner. They acknowledged that there are rumors and speculations about the owner’s background, ranging from her previous involvement in the funeral industry to a complete mystery regarding her past. Despite the uncertainty, these netizens appreciated the effort put into the restaurant’s branding and interior design, considering it a refreshing addition to the local dining scene.

The discussion also touched on the overall dining landscape in Hong Kong, with some netizens expressing frustration at the lack of variety and excitement. They argued that the city needs more innovative and daring establishments like Chu Man Kee, offering a breath of fresh air amidst the somewhat stagnant culinary scene.