Netizen puzzled after his foreign domestic helper refused to go out and buy ingredients to cook during T8 signal


5th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Observatory issued the first typhoon signal No. 8 this year last Friday and Typhoon Chaba affected Hong Kong for about 21 hours. A netizen posted in an online forum that on the day of the typhoon signal No. 8, he planned to ask his foreign domestic helper to go out to buy ingredients from market to cook meal. However, the request was rejected by the other party on the grounds of that she was not required to work due to typhoon.

The response from the foreign domestic helper has caused heated discussions among netizens. The foreign domestic helper then returned to her room to play music to sing and dance. The employer was puzzled over her action and said that he didn’t know if the foreign domestic helper was entitled to a holiday under the typhoon signal No. 8.

Any disruption in work due to bad weather is not a “statutory holiday”. According to the standard employment contract, the work place of the foreign domestic helper is the employer’s home. If the agreed working day falls on a typhoon day, the helper must work as usual. Under the law, the employer does not need to make compensatory leave or provide extra wages to the foreign domestic helper. However, if it is a statutory labor holiday and Typhoon No. 8 occurs, she will be entitled to take a day off. If a foreign domestic helper is injured during a typhoon, the employer must provide the foreign domestic helper with free medical treatment, including outpatient and hospitalisation expenses.