Netizen alleges that pre-recorded video shows police set up trap for protestors to trespass the Legislative Council Building before dispersing them at midnight


2nd July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 9.36pm yesterday, police posted a video on their Facebook to state that the protestors trespassed the Legislative Council building at 9pm before warning that riot police would exercise reasonable force to disperse the protestors and go after the violent culprits for disrupting law and order.

Several sharp netizens spotted that the time showed on the police officer’s watch was 5.05pm while in the video, he mentioned that the protestors trespassed the LegCo building at 9pm.

The time on his watch was 5.05pm

The netizen further deduced the police might have known that protestors would enter the premises at around 8-9pm as they had placed an undercover police officer amongst the protestors. The video shows that it was pre-recorded earlier before the incident happened.

The police allegedly set up a trap for the protestors. They purportedly waited for the violent protestors to break the law by committing criminal damages and vandalism within the LegCo building before deploying the Special Tactical Force.

The following is the video posted by Police on their Facebook at 9.36pm yesterday.

We are unsure if the police officer’s watch merely stopped working or the conspiracy theory was true. Police have not responded to the online allegation.