Neighbours and residents in Peng Chau shocked over shooting incident, some claim it was excessive use of force by police


25th January 2023 – (Hong Kong) 2 police officers in Peng Chau were attacked last night (24th) while handling noise complaint. The neighbours were shocked by the incident after one 43-year-old Filipino man named Oliver was shot 3 times and he is now in critical condition.

Many residents were surprised and said that the law and order on Peng Chau has always been satisfactory. There has never been a shooting incident in Peng Chau. Some questioned as to the use of weapon by the police officers with regards to the incident as they said that it could be regarded as an excessive use of force since batons could be deployed instead.

In addition, other neighbours pointed out that the unit had been noisy for the whole day. According to a female resident of the unit involved, she was sleeping at the time of the incident. Later, she heard noises and gunshots. She woke up and found that her friend was on the street. Later, another friend returned to the unit and told her that the suspect was shot and injured. The female resident continued to point out that Oliver, the friend who was shot, opened a beauty shop in Central. He is also a resident of Peng Chau. She claimed that they didn’t have a party last night. The friends just gathered for a drink but it wasn’t too noisy. She added that Oliver would normally not get drunk. She was shocked by the shooting of her friend. She also pointed out that Oliver could not be contacted after being sent to the hospital. She is very concerned about his situation.