Neighbour reports hearing constant disturbances from Plaza Hollywood murder suspect’s unit in Tsz Wan Shan

39-year-old murder suspect Szeto.

4th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The recent random stabbings at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill have caused a huge outcry, as two women were brutally killed by a stranger. The suspect, surnamed Szeto (39), is believed to reside in a public housing estate in Tsz Wan Shan. When reporters approached his unit, a man answered the door but remained silent and shut the door upon seeing them. Neighbours on the same floor have reported hearing screams and disturbances from Szeto’s unit. Police officers have also previously visited the unit to handle disputes.

Meanwhile, outside the residence of 22-year-old Lau Kai-hei, one of the deceased victims, candles were lit in mourning, but her family has not yet responded to the incident. At the scene of the crime in Plaza Hollywood, members of the public continue to lay flowers and cards to pay their respects to the two women who lost their lives. Some have also placed Buddhist scripture verses in the hope that the victims may rest in peace.

The incident occurred on June 2nd at around 5 pm when the two victims were attacked by the suspect with a knife while walking around Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill. Despite efforts to save them, both women succumbed to their injuries. The suspect was immediately apprehended and has been arrested on suspicion of murder. According to reports, Szeto has been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia for years and has previously been hospitalised for attacking his family members. He was also required to attend regular medical appointments. It is reported that he was due for an appointment this week, but instead committed the brutal crime.