Needle-like foreign object found in ‘GREATWALL’ luncheon meat


23rd May 2019 – (Hong Kong) A neitzen posted a picture yesterday of a needle-like foreign object found in the ‘GREATWALL’ luncheon meat she purchased. She alleged that she came across the needle while slicing the luncheon meat before frying in the pan.

The netizen tried to call the general line of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department but no one picked up the call. She has packed the luncheon meat together with the two opened cans and put in the fridge while waiting for the next course of action. She should perhaps contact the manufacturer too with regards to the incident.

In 2010, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) issued a food alert advising the public not to eat a certain batch of “Greatwall Brand Chopped Pork and Ham” as the CFS received a food complaint regarding silvery droplets found in the can (Read here).

Picture credit : Ho Yan Cheng

Greatwall Luncheon Meat can be found in local grocery stores.