Near wardrobe malfunction: Rosita Kwok’s aerial yoga mishap at TVB Anniversary Gala Show 2023

    Rosita Kwok

    20th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Last night, the highly anticipated TVB Anniversary Gala Show 2023, took place at TVB City. Nearly 200 artists from across the industry gathered for the event. During one segment of the show, Rosita Kwok caught everyone’s attention as she showcased her aerial yoga skills. However, her performance took an unexpected turn when she narrowly avoided a wardrobe malfunction.

    In the “Dance to the Beat” segment, Kwok joined a group of talented performers to showcase their drumming skills. Following the drumming routine, Kwok, dressed in a vibrant peach-coloured yoga outfit, took to the air to demonstrate a series of yoga poses. It appears that her yoga attire may have been slightly loose, as she was seen occasionally adjusting and tugging at the fabric around her chest area. Fortunately, Kwok’s quick reflexes and composure prevented any embarrassing exposure.

    After the segment, Kwok retreated backstage and was interviewed by an entertainment news channel. When asked about her moments of adjusting her yoga outfit during the performance, she assured the host that safety precautions were in place: “I was worried about a wardrobe malfunction, so we took all the necessary safety measures.” Kwok also reassured everyone that the incident was minor and emphasized that the most important thing was for the audience to enjoy the show.