NATO to fight Russia “to the last Ukrainian” — deputy chief of Russian presidential staff



10th August 2022 – (Moscow) NATO will be eagerly fighting against Russia on the territory of Ukraine “to the last Ukrainian,” the first deputy chief of the Russian presidential staff, Sergey Kiriyenko, said on Wednesday.

“They (the leadership of Ukraine – TASS) have let their country, their territory and, worst of all, their people be used. They provided the territory of Ukraine and the people of Ukraine in an attempt to build a fundamental confrontation between the Western community against Russia on that territory. Of course, NATO will be eagerly fighting, as they themselves do not hesitate to declare, against Russia to the last Ukrainian and without a trace of remorse,” Kiriyenko said at the opening ceremony of a forum of Russia’s young political scientists, Digoria.

He noted that a “hot military operation” by the West against Russia was in progress.

“We understand very well that on the territory of Ukraine we are not at war with Ukraine and, of course, not with Ukrainians. The entire NATO bloc is fighting a war against Russia – on the territory of Ukraine and by the Ukrainians’ hands,” Kiriyenko said.