National Security Department officers visit home of founder of Civic Passion to demand deletion of online content


18th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Wong Yeung-tat, the founder of Civic Passion, said on his Facebook today (18th) that the National Security Department of the police visited his home and company this morning and asked to delete content that “endangered national security” on the website and social media within a time limit. Wong pointed out that no one has been detained in this incident for the time being.

He pointed out that “the National Security Office has issued a notice asking us to delete a group of websites, social media, etc. that would endanger our country’s security. There are deadlines and conditions”, he said. The relevant letter has been received. He also said, “I am in Hong Kong today, and I continue to work in the media industry, and the risks are increasing day by day.

In September 2016, Wong resigned as the leader of Civic Passion, saying that he did so out of taking responsibility for the failure of the election alliance that Civic Passion had formed with the Proletariat Political Institute and Hong Kong Resurgence Order for the 2016 Legislative Council election. At that election, Wong’s mentor Raymond Wong Yuk-man had narrowly lost to Youngspiration‘s Yau Wai-ching, an outcome about which the latter expressed her disappointment. Wong continued to run Passion Times independently.