Narendra Modi sworn in as India’s Prime Minister for third term

Narendra Modi

9th June 2024 – (New Delhi) Narendra Modi, the leader of the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has taken the oath of office and become India’s Prime Minister for an unprecedented third time. The event marked a significant milestone in the country’s political landscape, as Modi’s BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) emerged victorious in the general election, although with a narrower margin than anticipated by exit polls.

With 293 seats secured by the NDA, the BJP faced a resurgent opposition that garnered 234 seats, signalling a renewed vitality in India’s political arena. The inauguration witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including the heads of neighbouring nations such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, emphasising the regional significance of Modi’s leadership.

Security measures were meticulously implemented, with Delhi being declared a no-fly zone and over 2,500 police officers deployed to ensure a safe environment around the venue. As the elected Members of Parliament cast their votes, Modi secured leadership positions within the Lok Sabha, the BJP parliamentary party, and the NDA.

While the exact concessions made by Modi’s allies remain undisclosed, reports indicate that several seek influential ministerial roles. The opposition INDIA alliance, led by the Congress party, has characterized the election as a mandate against Modi’s government. However, in his response, Modi asserted that the results did not signify defeat, emphasizing his unwavering commitment to the nation’s progress and vowing to combat corruption and poverty.

During the election campaign, Modi and his party faced accusations of employing hate speech, targeting the Muslim minority, and suppressing opposition voices. In his address, the prime minister-elect emphasised the NDA alliance’s dedication to religious equality and pledged to prioritise the empowerment of the poor and middle class. Meanwhile, the INDIA alliance has vowed to fulfil its parliamentary duty by holding the government accountable and safeguarding the constitution.