Narcissistic Malaysian social media influencer Cathryn Li launches vicious attack on doctor, exposing troubling nature

    Cathryn Li

    9th December 2023 – (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysian social media influencer Cathryn Li, known for her striking appearance boasting a 32C bust size, has once again managed to grab headlines. This time, she targeted and launched a scathing online tirade against a popular internet personality and doctor in Malaysia, accusing him of having mental health issues.

    The incident unfolded when the doctor shared a post on social media highlighting the linguistic differences between Taiwan and Malaysia. He humorously pointed out that in Malaysia, all beverages are commonly referred to as “water,” and when someone asks, “What water do you want?” it actually means “What drink do you want?” Little did he expect that Cathryn Li would screenshot his post and unleash a torrent of abusive comments, questioning his mental well-being. In addition to the derogatory remarks, she left a comment under the doctor’s post, stating, “A Malaysian who is stuck in the 70s in terms of language and culture visiting Taiwan, thinking that all Malaysians are the same today. Hilarious!” She further criticised his lack of factual basis in his post and insinuated that his personal experiences with a few Malaysians led him to generalise the entire population.

    This incident sheds light on Cathryn Li’s narcissistic tendencies, as she consistently seeks attention and resorts to offensive behaviour to stay in the public eye. Her actions have drawn widespread condemnation, with many accusing her of using unethical and deceptive tactics to garner sympathy and maintain her online presence.

    Furthermore, it is essential to note that Cathryn Li has a history of alarming behaviour, including a previous ‘suicide attempt‘. In an incident that unfolded during a live-streaming session on 9th Marc 2021h, she threw tantrums after being mocked for her piano skills by netizens. Just four days later, on 13th March, she shocked her followers by posting a picture of her neck with evident bloodstains, claiming that she had tried to take her own life. However, scepticism arose among netizens who questioned the authenticity of her suicide attempt, suggesting that it may have been a calculated ploy to gain sympathy and attention on social media.

    Kenny Yee, a well-known local makeup artist and founder of the Makeup Miracle Academy, was among those who criticised Cathryn Li. He expressed doubts about the authenticity of the apparent “wounds” on her neck, suggesting that they appeared staged and lacking in realism. Yee condemned her for exploiting sensitive issues like suicide to manipulate public sentiment and gain sympathy.

    In the aftermath of her alleged suicide attempt, Cathryn Li abruptly halted her social media activities, leading observers to speculate that she is obsessively reading the comments, driven by an insatiable thirst for public attention. Concerned individuals have urged her to seek professional help and visit a psychologist to address her potentially underlying mental health issues.