Nancy Pelosi, together with bipartisan group of Members of Congress stand in solidarity with HK pro-democracy activists


18th September 2019 – (Washington) Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi together with bipartisan group of Members of Congress appeared live in Washington at 11am local time to stand in solidarity with Hong Kong pro-democracy activists i.e. Joshua Wong, Denise Ho and Nathan Law. They reiterated America’s full support for the people of Hong Kong in their quest for justice & freedom. By passing the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act, their message to the people of Hong Kong is clear: America supports their quest for justice and freedom. Beijing Government was condemned for encroaching the freedom of Hong Kongers since Occupy Central movement in 2014. Members of Congress further reiterated that US companies should not be complicit in the crackdown of pro-democracy protesters. Police brutality in Hong Kong was again condemned and the protesters were commended for their bravery in dismantling the smart street lamps which exposed the government’s intention to conduct mass surveillance on the people to suppress their freedom. Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act is on a fast track for passage and the bill is expected to be passed in October.

The U.S. counterparts further acceded to the five demands which includes universal suffrage which in their opinion are very reasonable and should be enacted. Each of the Hong Kong’s political activists took turns to lament over police brutality, erosion of freedom and autonomy in Hong Kong. Joshua Wong expressed dismay over the continuous suppression of freedom by the Hong Kong government in the past 3 months. At the same time, he is also elated that there has been tremendous support from the international community and he vows to continue with the fight until Hong Kongers enjoy freedom and democracy.

Denise Ho further thanked the Congress for standing in solidarity with Hong Kongers to fight for these universal values to safeguard the freedom of Hong Kongers.

Nancy Pelosi ended by stating that the legitimate aspiration of Hong Kongers to enjoy autonomy, justice and freedom under the principle of ‘One Country, two systems’ and universal suffrage should be recognised.

Video credit: Nancy Pelosi