Mysterious mainland Chinese lottery player wins HK$220 million tax-free jackpot with 50,000 bets on the same numbers


9th December 2023 – (Jiangxi) A mainland Chinese individual struck it big in the China Welfare Lottery by placing nearly 50,000 bets, amounting to almost CNY 100,000 each, on the same set of numbers. The fortunate player ultimately won a staggering jackpot of HK$220 million, and the best part is that the winnings are tax-free. Given the highly unusual circumstances, the public has raised questions about the possibility of insider information influencing the lottery results.

According to reports from various media outlets, in the draw held on 2nd December, no one across the country managed to hit the jackpot for the “Select Ten out of Ten” game. Only one ticket nationwide matched all nine numbers in the “Select Nine out of Nine” game, earning the lucky winner a prize of CNY 300,000. However, what caught everyone’s attention was the astonishing 50,159 winning bets for the usually modest “Select Seven out of Seven” game, each worth CNY 4,475, as well as the unusually high number of 11,691 winning bets for the “Select Five out of Five” game.

The sheer volume of winners for the “Select Seven” and “Select Five” games caused the prize pool to be depleted, triggering the maximum payout limit. The jackpot winner purchased nearly 50,000 bets with the same set of numbers for the “Select Seven” game at a China Welfare Lottery retailer in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, for a total cost of approximately CNY 100,000. Each winning bet earned a prize of CNY 4,475, resulting in a total jackpot of HK$220 million.

Based on previous draw announcements, the number of winning bets for the “Select Seven out of Seven” game has typically ranged from double to triple digits over the past month. For instance, on 19th November, there were 95 winning bets, while on November 26, there were 62. Even on relatively high-volume days like November 14, there were only 320 winning bets. Therefore, the 50,159 winning bets on December 2 naturally attracted attention. According to the local media, the odds of winning in the “Select Seven out of Seven” game are close to one in 50,000.

On 7th December, a media outlet contacted the Civil Affairs Department of Jiangxi Province, and a staff member confirmed that an investigation into the matter has been initiated.

The game allows players to choose one to ten numbers from a pool of 80 and place bets accordingly. Each combination of one to ten numbers is considered one bet, and the cost per bet is CNY 2. The game offers ten different ways to play, including “Select One,” “Select Two,” “Select Three,” “Select Four,” “Select Five,” “Select Six,” “Select Seven,” “Select Eight,” “Select Nine,” and “Select Ten.” All game modes support single bets, as well as multiple bets and combination bets. Players can also choose to multiply their bets by a factor of two to fifteen.

The jackpot winner, who spent nearly CNY 100,000 on 49,300 bets, out of a total of 50,159 bets available for that particular number combination, seemed to have “accurately targeted” the jackpot, leading to suspicions among the public. The winner believes that a thorough investigation into the entire process is necessary to ensure compliance with regulations.

One of the circulating images shows the purchase record of tickets with identical numbers.