MUST TRY LIST – SushiZushi at Langham Place serves high-quality sushi and sashimi with a unique dine-in express delivery system


15th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) SushiZushi, Hong Kong’s first new concept Japanese restaurant combining the elements of high-quality sushi and sashimi with a unique dine-in express delivery system, has officially opened at Shop 6, Level 4, Langham Place, Mong Kok. SushiZushi is created by LUBUDS F&B Group, a well-established restaurant brand specialized in Japanese cuisines for more than 13 years in Hong Kong. Its brand includes many successful and popular Japanese restaurants such as SUSHI IMA, ANA TEN and ANA GURA. Ingredients, quality of dishes and service are thus guaranteed with confidence.

The most prominent selling point of this new brand must be the restaurant’s stylish dine-in express delivery system, named “Express Guppy”. At SushiZushi, customers can simply scan the QR code at their seat with their mobile phone to directly order their meal, and the “Express Guppy” will send to the customers a variety of sashimi and sushi freshly imported directly from Japan daily and dishes demonstrating the craftsmanship of the chefs on two delivery tracks.

Mystery Box/Fuyoh Box . Picture copyright :
Fuyoh Box Picture copyright :

In conjunction with the opening of the new restaurant, the restaurant has specially designed a “Fuyoh Box“, which is inspired by the Japanese department store’s fukubukuro (lucky bag) culture. Customers can enjoy a variety of unknown high-quality seasonal sashimi or fresh ingredients specially arranged by the chef for only HK$198, and each box is randomly different every day. Customers ordering the “Fuyoh Box” can enjoy unexpected surprises and discoveries!

Sushi in Three Cups HK$288 Picture copyright :
Sushi in Three Cups HK$288 Picture copyright :

Sushi in Three Cups HK$288 allows customers to taste three sushi cups crafted by the chef at the same time, including: 1) Minced Fatty Tuna & Spring Onion with Uni & Sweet Shrimp Sashimi Mini Sushi Cup, 2) Salmon Roe & Uni Sashimi Mini Sushi Cup and 3) Salmon Roe & Scallop with Crab Meat Sashimi Mini Sushi Cup.  Each sushi cup is loaded with ingredients, exquisite and beautiful, and the price is incredibly attractive. Watch it served in the Express Guppy and upload pictures on your Instagram!

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Salt Grilled Kinki Picture copyright :

A must-try signature dish is the Grilled Toro Tendon with Yuzu & Mashed Radish $88, which is rarely available in the market at this unbeatable price. Each tuna fish has only one part of this specific tendon. The grilled toro tendon is crispy and gives out an oily aroma of toro. In addition, Salt Grilled Kinki, which Hong Kong diners have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy, can be tasted at the special price of $298 at Sushi Zushi! Sushi Zushi has specially sourced this small-sized kinki from Hokkaido. Its texture and taste are as outstanding as those of the large-sized kinki. Diners can now taste this precious Japanese fish at an affordable price.

Selected Assorted Sashimi Platter Picture copyright :
Selected Assorted Sashimi Platter Picture copyright :

We tasted eight types of high-quality sashimi at the same time with the Selected Assorted Sashimi Platter at only HK$428, and the Tuna Sushi Platter HK$448 consists of 4 types of sushi including prime fatty tuna, fatty tuna, tuna and seasoned tuna (2 pieces each) was unbelievably fresh and savoury.

Tuna Sushi Platter HK$448 Picture credit :

Another must-try dish is the SushiZushi Signature Sushi at HK$78/each. The creative cuisine includes grilled scallop, minced fatty tuna salmon roe, uni and sweet shrimp. In addition, the sirloin part of A4 Wagyu beef is specially selected to make the Grilled Japanese Saga Wagyu Beef HK$288. Apart from adequate oil distribution, it has ample beef flavor. It is then simply seasoned with the restaurant’s own formula of garlic slices, sea salt and mustard seeds to present the most authentic Saga Wagyu flavor.

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Lunch Set Offer

In addition to the wonderful à la carte items offered in the dinner menu; the restaurant’s lunch sets are equally exciting. For example: The Premium Tuna Donburi (including appetizer, salad, miso soup and dessert) is made with Japanese prime fatty tuna, fatty tuna, tuna and minced fatty tuna & spring onion. Customers can also choose from the Assorted Sashimi Donbori HK$178 and Sea Urchin Donburi HK$298 to satisfy their taste buds. In addition, with the Mini Donburi Set HK$128, diners can choose two kinds of donburi among 12 options. The set also comes with appetizer, salad, mini Inaniwa udon in Soup and dessert, which is very good value for money.

Value for money :3.5/5
Taste : 4.5/5
Ambience : 3.5/5
Service : 4/5


Address: Shop 6, Level 4, Langham Place, Mong Kok.

Telephone: +852- 2307 9822

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 12:00 – 23:00